Thursday, January 28, 2010

whats that?

Why is Hillary in a dress?
Where did that dress come from?
Is that a new necklace? Did Hillary make it?
If she did, what's with that pendant?

Look for the answers to these questions and more in about 2 weeks :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Keeping Warm from the inside out

It is freezing here in Alabama and we have just been wanting to stay inside and do anything we can to keep warm. So we thought we would share some great ways from etsy to keep warm from the inside out.

Fabulous coffee made by small roasters from Park Hill Coffee.
If you want to get even a little warmer, here's a "spirited" coffee drink you could make.

If chocolate is more your style, this hot chocolate and marshmallow set by the food snob would be great by itself or in some Moscow Hot Chocolate.

If you like strong tea, this Earl Grey Double Shot from Bhak Tea seems lovely.
Or, if you prefer herbal tea, this Hand Blended Morrocan Mint Tea from Teaman.
Surprisingly, I have a great recipe from Giada Lawrence for a tea bar that involves mint tea and earl grey tea!

All These Great drinks could use something great to hold them like this beautiful Celtic Vine Mug from Dancing PigPots.
And, if you have to be out and about in this cold weather, you could use this unique Walnut wood travel mug by Circular Art.

We hope you enjoyed the drinks and recipes and we hope you keep warm and safe during this freezing cold winter! Well see you back here soon!