Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello??? (Echo)

Yes, We realize we have not been posting, updating the shop etc. Here's why.  First, Hillary had a bunch of personal stuff going on.  Then she was busy with doing shows.  Then she had a big question to answer:
What do you do when the materials for your items in your etsy shop cost so much that you have to have regular income from your business to be able to afford more and you haven't sold a single item in 2-3 years of having the business? Do you keep persisting, hoping that it will happen eventually? Do you use your grocery money to buy more supplies anyways?  In this case the answer is, you fold that business into the business that at least makes some income.  Our unique high quality jewelry will be made available at over the next few weeks.  Since this style does not seem to be popular, new pieces in silver and gemstone may be rare, but are always available by custom request.  If you wish to contact Hillary regarding a custom piece or anything else, please email her at