Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Artistry and Sketches

Hillary has drawn some sketches for ideas that she has for custom work. She created this jewelry business because she wanted to work on her artistry and work in new ways. She felt that drawing sketches would improve her artistry, help her see things in new ways and give customers a chance to customize an idea to their liking before it's actually made.

This first piece would be made from a square or cube gemstone bead wrapped with wire covered with czech glass beads in a complementary color. Hillary has some great corner drilled dark brown jasper cubes that would make a very elegant but funky necklace if combined with gold, copper or shiny brown beads. However a flat square/diamond in a more pastel color with pastel czech glass would work well for making jewelry with a softer but still elegant and unique look.

The second piece of jewelry is an assymetrical pair of earrings. They are made from chain and various types of high quality beads all in a similar color family. Hillary's original vision was for these to be made of high quality glass including some facted czech glass beads, but this would also work well with gemstones or pearls.

The original idea came from a custom request listed on etsy for bridesmade earrings for a dress that had a wide strap on one side, and no strap on the other. Hillary thought that having a two different earrings might be an interesting way to draw attention to the asymmetry of the dress while still balancing the overall look. This design would work well with any outfit, but Hillary thinks it would look most stunning with strapless or asymmetrical dresses.

The next piece is a necklace made primarily of silver. Silver chain and a silver triangular spacer are accented by small tear-drop shaped beads, and a larger, wire wrapped teardrop bead.

Hillary's original vision involved a Bali silver spacer but other hand-made silver, including Thai, would work well. Hillary envisions vintage glass for the teardrops, but told us that bright gemstones would be beautiful of their own right and would make the piece even bolder.

The final sketch is a set that would involve a lot of intricate wire work. It features wire wrapped teardrop beads with smaller beads worked into some of the wire wrapping. For the necklace, a wire heart covered in small beads surrounds the wire wrapped bead. The bracelet is made from wire wrapped beads with chain in between. The earrings are dangles made with wire wrapped teardrop beads.

For the large beads, Hillary envisions vintage glass or pearls, but gemstones would work as well. For the small beads, Hillary said that she likes the idea of Czech glass and crystals about equally.

Hillary stated that many color combinations would work well on this, but her three favorite ideas are iridescent white on clear or white, shiny royal blue on royal blue, or different shades of green. Contrasting colors would work on this set as well, but the combination would have to be carefully chosen as the design of the set is already very decorative and attention getting.

Thank you for viewing our sketches and we hope you enjoyed them. We will be listing some of these in the next few days on our Etsy site as custom items available for purchase. If you would like us to make one of these for you or make a sketch for you based on your own designs, please let us know. Also, if you have ideas or comments for us or for Hillary, by all means feel free to comment here or convo us on Etsy. Have a beautiful week.

Monday, May 25, 2009

our total for arty party

We wanted to let you know that we found out from Birmingham AIDS Outreach that our piece raised $65 for the agency and that the piece from our sister store raised $75.

We also listed a new piece on our etsy shop this past week.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend in review

Hillary had a very busy and fun weekend. On Friday she attended the artist's party for Arty Party and got to talk with other artists about their motivation, the art, the mediums they use, etc. She also got to see acquaintances she has made through working at BAO, drink great wine, and eat great food. Thanks goes out to Dr. and Ms. ZarZaur and the staff at ArtEyes for putting on such a great reception--this year was the 19th year in a row that they have done this for the artists!

On Sunday, Hillary attended and worked Arty Party at B&A Warehouse. Even though she was on the clock, she got a chance to look at the artwork, do some bidding, and eat fabulous food (including blueberry cheese, quesadillas, and french fried sweet potatoes).

She wanted to share a few pictures with you:

"Limitless", the featured artwork by Dan Bynum

Lovely table setting

Red Champagne shooter

The cross painting in this picture was donated to the silent auction by Hillary's friend, Dawn.

The spread

Artful Unity's contribution to the silent auction.

We are not sure how much money our donation raised for BAO, but Hillary was told by a volunteer that it was up to $60 about 20 minutes before the end of the auction.

Hillary had a really great time and we plan on contributing again next year. We hope you will join us.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Self Expression through fashion part 2.

A few weeks ago we posted about how we love to use our couture to express who we really are. We shared some of our favorite custom-made dresses from etsy. Today we are going to share some unique handmade accessories for formal events.

Self Expression through Fashion Part 2:

-Brim and Trim has some beautiful and unique accessories, including these dainty rose shoe clips.

-Samantha Sultana makes elegant and sassy lingerie and accessories. These dusty pink fishnet gloves are delicate and sophisticated enough to be worn with an evening gown or wedding dress, but sexy enough to make an appearance on your wedding night!

-Percy Handmade makes classic clutches with a twist like this teal Zara textured clutch.

-LadybugSF has all kinds of cute accessories for all occasions, but we really like this ribbon rose boutonniere

-Tied and Feathered makes beautiful fascinators, combs and veils. We think that the Quebec orchid hair comb is amazingly bold and delicate at the same time. Want a little more vintage or upscale look? Try adding their bandeau veil.

We hope we gave you some ideas of ways to express the inner you with your outer decor. We'd love to hear your ideas too, so feel free to comment. Have a great week!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family love for our designs

A few weeks ago, Hillary posted about a family necklace that she re-purposed. Hillary's aunt had given her a broken crystal neckalce and suggested she re-string it for another family member. Here is that aunt's response to the pictures of the creation made from those crystals:


I am in awe. Your great grandmother would be so pleased. You vision left Grandma Nina's crystals in a creation that is timeless and that she herself would have worn. Soooo pleased with your work.

Our family certainly is lucky to have such talent.

Love and Miss you
Aunt G

She also told Hillary that it would be fine to use the leftover crystal for a necklace for herself. Be on the lookout for a future post on that piece as Hillary will post it here as soon as she is done with it.