Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Self Expression through fashion part 1.

We are all about elegant individuality and showing off who you are, be that a traditional Fashionista, or someone who's a little offbeat. Later spring and early summer bring on proms, graduations, and lots of weddings. We thought we'd put out some ideas on how you can make your couture speak for you, and we'd love to hear your ideas too, so feel free to leave comments!

Part 1. Handmade Dresses:

Be it made by a professional seamstress, your neighbor, your aunt, or even you, a handmade dress gives you a chance to express yourself and look your best in a very unique way. You can pick the color, the fabric, and, most importantly, the measurements. A dress that fits your measurements can accentuate your body much better than one made to an average, like most commercially available clothing. In fact, we recommend if you do decide to go with a commercially available or otherwise pre-made dress, that you get it altered to fit your measurements.

Here are a few of our picks from etsy:
-GaiaConceptions has a great custom made evening style dress. What makes it even more unique is that it is made from organic cotton fabric made in the seamstress' area.
-Ruby Pearl's shop features this surprising gown that expresses a style reminiscent of classic movies like Gone with the Wind
-This silk dress from Bon Bon features classic lines paired with careful craftsmanship
-My Black Dress features a number of classy and sassy little black dresses including this adorable asymmetrical gown.
-This emerald green and leopard print formal from Miss Brache's is sure to get you noticed
-If you think that was offbeat, try this incredible necktie ballgown from Glamarita.

And now, we'll finish off the list with some awe inspiring wedding gowns:

-This simple but elegant dress from Natural Bridals is eco-friendly as well as gorgeous.
-You would never know that this was made by 5 ladies who run a family business in Tennesee. The pictures show that Gioavanni's gowns rival many designer gowns that I've seen in both style and attention to detail.
-Threadhead Creations provides with another unique eco-friendly gown
-Last but not least, AbstractPretty has several great wedding dresses including this frilly but modern sheath gown.

That's it for this installment. Keep an eye out for the "accessories" sequel in a later blog post. Have a great week!

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