Sunday, October 18, 2009

Artful Halloween

Hillary Loves halloween and costumes and wanted to share with you some of the beautifully well crafted costume pieces we found on etsy and artfire. Forget glued together felt and cardboard, these are high class, well made works of wearable art.

forbidden boudior's "The madame Inocencia" veil epitomizes the idea of "dark beauty" and would be a great edition to any gothic style costume.

I'm just going to let Tom Banwell's "butterfly mask" speak for itself.

This "Starry Night" fairy gown made byDeconstructress is a beautiful, and hand-painted handmade ball gown complete with matching handpainted wings.

Callidora's "Zuul Dress" is a great replica of a dress featured in an even greater movie!

"High Preistess" Necklace by S and T creations would be a great addition to gypsy, belly dancer and hippy costumes, to name a few.

Thyme2Dream's "Elven Wedding Headdress" is simply stunning.

The "Corsested Pirated Coat" by Damsel in the dress is unique, well constructed and cute too!

This "Magic Wand" by Nettlz Would go great with the fairy dress we listed, or make a beautiful addition to any fairy, pixie or sorceress costume.

Sparks shows us with "Columbine Mask" that masks are not just for kids and can be a fabulous addition to any costume or wardrobe.


  1. Great pics! Halloween is so much fun. You get to be whoever you want. hmmm, now who to be?

  2. Halloween snuck up on me and I didn't get anything listed. I did make one earring and pendant set but sold it right away off of Facebook.

  3. The "Starry Night" Fairy Gown is definitely my favorite. (Although I am no where near a 2 or 4. LOL) The "Elven Wedding Headdress" would go perfect with it, I think. And maybe a couple of other pieces as well. What a wonderful selection!

  4. I really enjoyed your blog post today~!!!

  5. thank all of you for the great comments! it was fun through all the beautiful items