Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what's that? (part 2)

In our last post we posted a lovely picture and a bunch of mysterious questions promising the answers in a couple of weeks.
The dress and jewelry were for the Mystic Krewe of Apollo Birmingham Chapter's Bal Masque for this year. Hillary was going to post pictures of herself at the ball as well as pictures of the chicanery and tomfoolery at the ball itself. Unfortunately, the digital camera is dead, the phone pictures did not turn out well enough to post and, between the excitement of men in speedos and almost passing out due to overheating and not eating enough, Hillary did not get anyone to take pictures of her at the ball.

However, Hillary wanted to tell you about the talented artisans that helped make her lovely ball outfit possible:

The Dress was made by the talented and quick, BetZabe. She custom made a maxi dress for me in a lovely burgundy stretch silk fabric. She was very quick to respond, the measuring process was easy (she sent pictures of how to take each measurement!), I had my dress in hand within 2 weeks of when I first contacted her, it fits perfectly and, as you can see, it's gorgeous.

I made the necklace, but I had help. StarzSelection, who is also quite quick and quite skilled, made me some shoe clips to match my dress and then made the lovely flower pendant at the middle of my necklace to match them.

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